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The Driving Force Behind Your Automotive Plastics and Logistical Needs

Nexeo Plastics offers material expertise for diverse automotive manufacturing segments. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) continue to turn to plastics in the automotive arena as a means to reduce vehicle weight and costs, while improving safety and fuel efficiency. Our dedicated automotive team works hand in hand with customers to help them select materials to meet their performance and typical automotive applications.

A vehicle assembly lineExterior
This includes devices such as bumpers and grills, body and rocker panels, and mirrors and front-end carriers. As the first barrier in case of impact, these devices require high-performance thermoplastics for security of the passengers and aesthetics.

Providing comfort and security to passengers, interior parts are designed with heat stability, scratch resistance, and “soft touch” or low stickiness. Such applications include instrument panels, door panels, mid console, glove box and seat parts, among others.

Under the Hood
Since these devices are closest to the engine, the products must maintain their function during extreme changes in temperature, exposure to chemical products and demanding acoustic environments during long periods of time. Performance conditions are essential to protecting key elements of an automobile’s engine.

The design significance of the automotive headlight plays a major role when it comes to brand identification and image. Headlights, now more than ever, have more parts and intricacies. Material considerations in this application include light transmission and transparency, heat resistance, shatter resistance and ability to be highly moldable.

The front right side of a silver carVehicle Systems
As vehicles advance in technical capability, there is increased demand for quality and safety in automobile electrical and electronics parts. For this reason, all devices must have adequate safety and security features during the product's life span.

Cable and fuse box materials have to be flame retardant to help maintain integrity in difficult environments for prolonged periods of time. And while fuel systems have many parts that must handle harsh environments and chemicals, the shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) to improve fuel efficiency and to comply with applicable emissions regulations has resulted in many more system and manufacturing considerations for companies. EVs must deliver on reliable sensor systems, battery products, inverters, and more, all of which require maintenance and protection.

We Know Automotive and OEMs

An assortment of plastic parts for automotiveAt Nexeo Plastics, automotive products are supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals that connects customers to smart solutions. We help customers with their material selection, part design, and process optimization processes, and we even offer specialized technical services, including application problem solving.

Our technical service representatives are focused on providing support at the custom molder or local captive molding OEMs. These services include processing assistance, troubleshooting, and testing.

Not many distributors can say they offer experienced engineers as a value-added service. Our application development engineers (ADEs) comprise experienced industry professionals who collaborate with research and development departments to assist in finding optimal solutions. The ADE acts as your main engineering contact in providing support for the part design, tooling questions and your material selection process. It's like hiring a fully-experienced engineer on your staff, without the overhead.

Nexeo Plastics also has its TechConnect Center, available to automotive customers as a key resource for technical product expertise that is just a phone call away. These services support customers’ inquiries with easy access to material information, process expertise, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) expertise and our technical library.


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