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Additional Markets that Expand with Innovative Industry Opportunities

A man riding a snowmobilePlastics are everyday materials that are used in nearly every aspect of each person’s life. No other material has the versatility of plastic. It is one of the most researched and innovated materials and is regularly considered for use across most industries.

As such, Nexeo Plastics looks to support our customers where they seek expansion and opportunity. We do not limit ourselves to providing products for the markets we have listed but also enjoy working with customers in many additional areas of business.

Sports and Recreational Vehicles
Nexeo Plastics offers an array of innovative polymer solutions and services for the all-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile and motorcycle market. As with the automotive market, we’re focused on materials that provide you the durability, protection, strength and weight that is optimal for your application.

Applications include on-road, on-/off-road and off-road vehicles, with Nexeo Plastics supplying commodity resins, paintable and moldable resins, weatherable resins and specialty resins into this market. From racks, bumpers, fenders and hoods to engine covers, heat shields, body panels, interior surfaces and more, Nexeo Plastics can help you find the appropriate material for your application.

A person cutting down a tree limb with a chainsawLawn and Garden
The majority of the equipment in your garage and the products on the shelves at the local lawn and garden retailer have something in common— they contain plastics. Plastics are a major component of the tools we use to care for our yards and properties. Nexeo Plastics has the experience to support your manufacturing processes and help you ensure that your consumer or industrial agricultural products are a success. From tool handles and housings to mower deck covers and more, we can help you meet your strict specifications.

Consumer Recreation
Nexeo Plastics offers an array of thermoplastic products that can be used in the consumer recreation market. Our product line includes both engineered thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers that are used by manufacturers of firearm and ammunition components and accessories.

These may include: firearm stocks and frames; handguards, forearms and picatinny rails and magazines; recoil pads and grips; engineered lead-replacement projectiles, shotgun shells, wads and buffers. With extensive experience in supplying material to these manufacturers, Nexeo Plastics is well-versed in process methodology and end-use product performance regarding weight and warp reduction, custom color compounding and matching color specifications, and mold designs for your application.

Two people riding ATVsElectronics
Nexeo Plastics connects customers with leading suppliers who produce high-quality materials for the plastics electronic market. The electronics space is one of the most innovative and ever-changing markets, meaning that the plastics used for these applications are constantly updating and evolving.

Our product lines—including performance nylons and polymers—are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved and tested, and ready to be used in a variety of applications such as automotive, healthcare or household applications.

The Nexeo Advantage

With experience that crosses multiple industries and technologies, our technical support representatives have the expertise to provide assistance to our customers' own product or process engineering teams. Nexeo Plastics can help you save time and money while you solve commercial, material-, design- and process-related challenges. We excel at helping you:

  • Reduce overall costs
  • Improve performance
  • Extend product life
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Improve efficiency

Our North American footprint consists of more than 50 ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities, a broad product offering, and a knowledgeable commercial team that allows us to help you unlock the potential of your supply chain. Whether your challenge is on the formulation bench, the buyer’s desk or the loading dock, we are ready to innovate with you.

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