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Advanced Technical Support for Your Business Needs

Nexeo Plastics provides an array of technical support to meet you where you are in your business processes. We offer three distinct teams to back you up in your endeavors—each providing the crucial help you require to make your project a success:

  • Field technical representatives
  • Application development engineers
  • TechConnect center

Our technical support team members are able to assist you with processing challenges, resin selection questions, part design and provide general feedback on new product development. Our people can help connect your needs with the right solution.

Nexeo Plastics takes seriously the job of partnering with you to make great business decisions. Your account manager can help match your needs to the right technical expert—from development to disposal, we have experts on staff who will help you address any challenge.


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Delivering Expertise with Reliability

Nexeo Plastics delivers expert technical support with a reliable team that has proven to help build our customers' businesses. Our field technical support team can help you uncover cost reduction opportunities, increased efficiencies, and resolve processing issues.

Once engaged, the team will work through the following questions with you:

  • What are the commercial goals?
  • What is the sourcing location?
  • What are the key milestones and timing?
  • What are the functional requirements (dimensional needs, temperature requirements, etc.)?

 Our expertise is backed by our testing and validation process to help you ensure that you are achieving your goals.

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